Insulation Resistance and Polarization Index

Evaluate the condition of your critical assets

IR & PI measurements are among the most widely used tests for the evaluation of insulation condition of motors, generators, cables and switchgear.

IR testing is a fast way to evaluate the overall insulation condition of an asset. If the measured insulation resistance is below the acceptable value, it may indicate that there is an irregularity within the insulation, such as moisture or contamination. In addition, general insulation deterioration due to aging and mechanical stresses can also be detected with falling IR values over time. Using Atlas by Monitra™, these measurements can be trended, allowing for the identification of insulation problems before they develop into costly and potentially dangerous failures.

The PI test extends the scope of the IR test by evaluating the insulation's behavior over a longer period (normally 10 minutes). It offers a more comprehensive view of insulation health, highlighting issues that might not be immediately evident in short-duration IR tests.

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