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Reduce Downtime and Production Losses

Critical asset failures in your mills can mean downtime and production losses, causing significant operational disruption and heavy financial costs.

Our experience in the world of condition-based asset maintenance has allowed us to develop the very best solutions when it comes to the monitoring and testing of your critical electrical assets. Our options for monitoring and testing provide you with the data you need to assess the insulation condition of your MV and HV plant, including critical generators, transformers, switchgear and cables.

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Your Assets. One Map.

Atlas by Monitra™

The transformational cloud-based data management platform

  • Instant access to your assets’ condition, from power cables to your critical rotating machines, across multiple sites via a cloud-based platform.
  • Tailored recommendations enable you to make efficient maintenance decisions whilst keeping costs down.
  • Data is secure and readily available in the cloud to enable proactive benchmarking of asset health and early warning of insulation faults.
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Providing You with the Tools to Keep Your Mills Up and Running

Complete Network Monitoring – A Bird’s Eye View of Your Assets’ Health

  • Our patented remote monitoring solution can detect insulation issues in your assets across your mill, simply by installing sensors and Kronos Monitors at the site’s central switchgear to detect high voltage partial discharge.
  • Compatible with pre-existing sensors, we can tailor a monitoring solution to suit your specific needs.
  • The benefits our customers reap from our assistance speaks for itself – see how we helped a North American paper mill detect high voltage partial discharge in their transformers here.

Testing Solutions for Preventative Maintenance Schemes

When it comes to criticality within the network, the health of your rotating machines and cables is tantamount to preventing production losses. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive suite of testing options to help you get the best level of understanding on your machines.

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