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Improve the reliability and uptime of your networks with expert consultation and test solutions from Monitra

Efficient Asset Management Solutions to Keep Your Wind Farms Up and Running

With the total capacity of the wind power industry set to expand over the next decade, we understand that continuous round-the-clock operation of your critical assets is essential to meeting customer demand and reducing costly downtime.

At Monitra, we have 17 years of experience in condition-based monitoring and testing and are here to help you achieve operational excellence and future-proof your MV and HV networks. With solutions for your critical transformers, cables and switchgear, you can maximize the uptime of your entire network whilst keeping repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Your Assets. One Map.

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The transformational cloud-based data management platform

  • View your assets’ insulation condition at the click of a button, from your inter-array and export cables to your critical transformers and switchgear cabinets.
  • Make data-driven maintenance and repair decisions with the help of asset-by-asset conclusions and recommendations from historic high voltage partial discharge test data.
  • Keep your asset data safe and secure on a cloud-based platform, from data sheets and test data to asset photos and drawings.
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Our Suite of Testing Solutions for Your Asset Maintenance Schemes

Our comprehensive range of testing solutions covers a wide range of high-criticality assets, from your export and inter-array cables to critical switchgear and transformers. With our team of market-leading condition monitoring and high voltage partial discharge experts on hand, we’re here to assist you with any and all testing requirements for your network.

We know that your renewable energy assets need to be live all day, every day. By conducting On-line testing with our Kronos Spot Tester, we can detect early signs of insulation degradation throughout the export and inter-array network without the need for an inconvenient outage.

We can also offer a range of highly-sensitive Offline Testing solutions that are ideal for the cable pull and termination and testing stages of commissioning your assets.

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