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Protect your production revenue with condition monitoring solutions for your critical assets

Meeting the Challenges of Asset Downtime and Production Loss

We know that when asset failures occur, the results can be catastrophic for your workers, revenue and efficiency.

Our suite of solutions gives oil and gas operators the foresight to pinpoint early signs of insulation degradation, keeping assets up and running and empowering them with the tools to monitor the health of their HV networks. From motors and generators to switchgear, cables and transformers, we’ve got your electrical systems covered.

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The transformational cloud-based data management platform

  • The cloud-based platform allows for secure storage of data sheets, historical test information and running conditions, allowing for reliable benchmarking over time.
  • Complete visibility on the condition of your assets is available at the touch of a button.
  • Recommendations available on an asset-by-asset basis, enabling you to ensure your maintenance budget remains cost-efficient.
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Prepare Your Network for the Energy Transition with a Tailored Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy

Our Ground-breaking Monitoring Solution for Ex/ATEX Zones

  • Our patented remote monitoring solution was developed specifically with the oil and gas industry in mind.
  • By installing sensors at your site’s central switchgear, we can monitor plant without entering hazardous areas.
  • With our software being able to distinguish from issues in the slot section and end windings, implementing our technology can give you the power to decide on maintenance and repairs of the rotors of your problem machines.
  • This method is bespoke to you and your operations with a proven track record – see our case study from a European oil refinery, whom we helped to extend the asset life of over 100 critical motors here.
  • We can install our own range of permanent sensors for you or connect our monitors to pre-existing sensors installed on your assets.

Testing Solutions for Your Production-Critical Assets

When it comes to criticality within the network, the health of your rotating machines is tantamount to preventing production losses. With that in mind, we offer a comprehensive suite of testing options to help you get the best level of understanding on your machines.

Our rotating machines turnaround services involve a series of highly sensitive Offline test options that can be conducted at both the commissioning stage and worked around your scheduled outages.

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